Permanent Knot Addon - Kesher Shel Kayama

קשר של קיימא ל'טלית וציצית

Permanent Knot Addon - Kesher Shel Kayama

This is a service add-on, for your Tallit or Tzitzit, purchasing now or from home, to add glue to the know making it permanent - Kesher Shel Kayama.

The glue is carefully applied not to ruin your product, and not to allow several strings to stick together.

Please note that this service, and any product affiliated with this order, is a final sale. Not returns or exchanges.

Product Details

Made in United States of America
Color Transparent
Age(s) All
Material Glue
Kesher shel Kayama (Permanent Knot) Yes
Washing Instructions Use the special wash bag
Manufacturer's Model No. KSK
MSRP $6.00 Price $

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