Talit Hamefoar Deluxe - White Stripes

טלית המפואר דלוקס עם פסים לבנים

Talit Hamefoar Deluxe - White Stripes

The Tallis HaMefoar is known to be the most comfortable Tallit ever produced. It also features a special weave to keep it from slipping off your shoulders. But while most non-slip weaves are coarse, the Tallis HaMefoar is smooth and pleasant to touch.

Everything you've expected from a Talis, they've included!

They've employed the ultimate in state-of-the-art technology at the world famous Talitania factory, and spared no detail, resulting in a Talis you'll be proud of for generations.

The finest quality yarn is exquisitely textured to ensure no slippage from your shoulders, and provides you with a brighter and lighter Tallit.

The Kanaf are made from the same material as the Talis itself. Our Talis Hamefoer also features no-fray Tzitzis; they won't unwind, separate or become fluffy.

All this and more, to make sure the Talis Hamefoer is one you'll cherish for years to come.

Special Features

  • Special anti-slip weave keeps the Tallit where you want.
  • Lighter weight comfortable.
  • Exceptionally beautiful weave. True Hiddur Mitzvah.
  • Kesher Shel Kayama / קשר של קיימא prevents Chillul Shabbos.
  • No-fray Tzitzis.
  • Matching wool corner-patch.
  • Matching sideband made of the same wool material.


What is deluxe? Deluxe define the pattern; The deluxe Tallit has the special weave alternated.

Product Details

Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Color White
Material 100% Wool
Manufacturer Talitanya - טליתניה
Manufacturer's Model No. TWWHD

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