Red Bnei Ohr Tallit

Includes Matching Bag and Kippah

Red Bnei Ohr Tallit

Sometimes referred to as the Joseph's Coat Tallit, this colorful Bnei Ohr Tallit features vibrant color schemes and ornate corner reinforcements.

Available options are available for the Bnei Ohr Tallit. We can add a a Beracha-Atarah, lining, sideband and middleband. The Tzitzit-stringss could be anything from plain white machine-spun to hand-spun, and from thin to thick. From Menupatz Lishmoh to Techelet (blue).

Also available in blue, grey/maroon/gold and grey/silver versions.

Read the remarkable legend behind this fabulous rainbow Tallit

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Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Package Also Includes Matching Bag and Kippah
Color Red
Material Wool/וואהל/צמר

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