Garden Of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush - Gan Emunah in English

A Practical Guide to Life, Emunah and Bitachon

Garden Of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush - Gan Emunah in English

Emuna/אמונה is the cornerstone for every Jew, and a deepening of faith opens our eyes to blessings and opportunities we never thought possible.

This practical book offers insights into emuna, collected from stories, commentaries, and teachings, presented in an easily readable format. Comparing faith to a garden, this book leads the reader into the lush, fragrant world of true Emuna - an existence marked by its exquisite limitlessness and a manner of living that is harmonious with G-d's will.

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רב מכר עולמי

מעל 100,000 עותקים!!!

Based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov / רבינו נחמן מ'ברסלב, this best-selling book is a translation of the Hebrew original, and has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

This is the revised and enlarged edition, now with 292 pages.

Written in Hebrew (בגן האמונה) by Rabbi Shalom Arush and translated to English by Rabbi Lazer Brody.

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Age(s) All
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Pages 292
Language English
Publisher Chut Shel Chessed Institutions - מכון חוט של חסד
Publishing Date June 1, 2007
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