Garden of Healing by Rabbi Shalom Arush

"Hashem Rofecha" Translated to English

Garden of Healing by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Illness can be unbearable. Negative thoughts bombard the patient and his family, with unrelenting physical, emotional and even spiritual anguish. Frequently doctors are forced to make life-and-death decisions. But how can we really know what the right decision is?

In this monumental work, Rabbi Arush, best known for his international best seller The Garden of Emuna, delves into the complex issues involving health and healing, both from the perspective of the patient and his family and also from the standpoint of the physician.

Rabbi Arush provides us with the necessary tools so that we can face one of the most complex and delicate issues in a person's life: health and illness. He teaches us that with emuna, the simple and pure faith in the Creator, even the most serious and life-threatening illness can be cured and that with Hashem's grace, each and every one of us can enjoy a healthy and happy life.

In this all encompassing work, the reader will find many interesting sections such as: the physical and spiritual reasons of illness, a collection of prayers, a special section regarding mental illness, the power of the redemption of the soul, the mitzvah of visiting the sick, a special section addressed especially to doctors, a practical guide on nutrition and proper body care and much more! An absolute must-read for both the sick and the healthy! A faithful companion in trying times! An essential book for every Jewish home!

Translated by Dr. Yehuda Frischman.

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